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What is a cookie?
While browsing the website, the server serving the website places so-called cookies on the computer browsing the website. According to Wikipedia, a “cookie” is a packet of information that a server sends to a browser, and then the browser sends it back to the server whenever it makes a request to the server. Cookies are created by the web server itself using a browser on the user’s computer, where they are stored in a separate directory. ‘

More information about cookies is available on Wikipedia by clicking here.

By using the website, the visitor consents to the website using cookies in accordance with these Cookie Rules. If the user does not agree to the use of cookies in the manner and for the purpose outlined below, you can prevent the use of cookies or decide not to use the system by setting your browser accordingly.

What does the Topholding website use cookies for?
Functional cookies
These cookies ensure that the website loads properly. They perform a purely technical task, they do not store any data about the user.

External service providers
In the absence of partners, there are no cookies sent to external service providers.

Checking and deleting cookies
Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies. You can change this default setting to block cookies or alert your browser when a new cookie is set on your device. More information on how to manage cookies can be found in the browser information or in the help menu. Please note that by disabling the cookies used by the Topholding website, in addition to a reduced user experience, you may experience different than expected operation, and access to certain (eg login-related) functions is not guaranteed.

You can control the setting of cookies on your computer in your browser, and you can find information about third-party cookies and their settings on the following website: