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Machine building tailord to the needs of our Customer

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to building reliable machinery that will provide years of service. Rigorous quality control procedures ensure the quality of our products. From simple machines to complex high-speed automated systems Top Holding has been a partner for companie large and small around the world to meet their production needs.

Machine building with professional project management

Our decades of experience has showed us that comprehensive project management and strong cooperation with our customers is the key to succsess. Our creativity and flexibility has provided our customers excellent results. We believe that long term cooperation is a key element to our and our customers’ success.

With our machine building services our customers recieve everything from one hand which has full control over the whole process, from manufacturing parts through assembly to testing and factory set up. We are capable of delivering machines with pneumatics, automation, full eletrical cabeling, painting. If it is required testing and fine tuning are also available at our sites.

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